The Union of Scientists in Ruse is a public, non-governmental, volunteer, democratic, non-profit, professional association, uniting in its structural units both individual and collective members of the Union, working in the region of Ruse. It is a legal entity, registered under the Law of Non-profit Legal Entities with the Regional Court in Ruse in 1999 for an unlimited time period. It is a descendent of thе Union of Bulgarian Scientists - Ruse Branch, founded in 1956. It has over 300 individual members - university lecturers and scientific research workers with different scientific titles and degrees.. It has as collective members the seven Faculties of  "Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse, the Scientific Research Sector of the University of Ruse, "Obraztsov Chiflic" Scientific Research Institute and others.
       The mission of the Union of Scientists - Ruse is to voice and defend the rights and interests of the scientists, to aid them in their creative, professional activities, to organize them for cooperative work towards the sustainable development of Ruse and the Region, asserting the principles of civic society. Related to this are the following tasks and objectives:
  • enhancing the role of science in the public and economic spheres of life;
  • serving as an independent partner and consultant of the local government in the formation of community policy for the development of science and education;
  • strengthening of the academic autonomy, development of innovations, improving the qualification of scientists, broadening the creative integration of scientists with the aim of their most appropriate incorporation within the civic structure of society;
  • organizing scientific forums - conferences, symposia, discussions and others, with regional and national participation;
  • publishing the magazine " Journal of the Union of Scientists - Ruse";
  • conducting courses for improving the qualification of its members, or for enhancing the specific knowledge of high school and university students and citizens.
       The Union of Scientists - Ruse forms scientific teams for solving specific problems in the spheres of the respective scientific units.
       The main structural units of the Union are the scientific units, organized according to the qualification and interests of the individual members:
  • Machine-building science and technologies;
  • Agricultural machinery and technologies;
  • Electrical equipment, electronics and automation;
  • Automobile transport;
  • Economics and law;
  • Historical science;
  • Philology;
  • Agrarian science;
  • Mathematics, informatics and physics;
  • Medicine and dentistry;
  • Veterinary medicine;
  • European studies.


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